Barn Restoration vs Demolition?

Here is a copy of a testimonial letter we received from a lovely couple who hired us to restore their barn. It makes us feel good to hear from someone who appreciates our love of old barns and the desire to restore them. Best Wishes and Good Luck my friends!

“Hope I’m sending this message to the right department.

My wife and I have watched as so many rustic barns are torn down rather than brought back to life and restore that rustic image of Wisconsin.

Last November 2010 my wife and I bought an abandoned farm in Adams County from a seller that was not interested in bringing it back to life. It was exciting and first opportunity to purchase a project like this and fulfill a long time dream of owning a farm. It was a small farm with only 30 acres with a home that was destroyed by squatters and showed no value in restoring. The property also had a utility garage, machine shed and old barn. The acreage had trash old tires and misc garbage everywhere.

We made a decision to tear down the house and start from scratch planning a future rustic home to accommodate family and friends. Our plan was simple bring the buildings back to life, clean up the property and then begin to build the home of our dreams. Our plans are to turn the farm into an organic growing operation and have named the property “Glacier Ridge Organics” due to the beautiful view we share to the west of our property of the bluffs left over from the days of glaciers inhabiting the region.

We finished the utility garage and machine shed and focused on the barn. After having several contractors inspect the barn we were told the best thing to do was to tear it down and build a new pole barn. We were saddened to think of losing this part of Wisconsin farming history and the barn that sold us on the property. Our next step after accepting the fact that we might have to tear it down we contacted a well know Wisconsin company (Wisconsin Barn Board and Beam) that sells used barn wood and asked if they would consider tearing down our barn.

They sent out one of their contractors (Kenny Goodwin) and after inspecting the barn convinced us that this old barn could be brought back to life and not to tear it down. It has been two weeks now as we watch his crews bring our old barn back to life and its one of the most exciting things to witness. We have photographed the process and would recommend this company to anyone considering destroying/removing a part of Wisconsin history.

Challenged financially during this process we continue to forge forward in reviving this piece of Wisconsin history. If you feel your viewers would enjoy seeing this project or highlighting this amazing company that has helped us accomplish this restoration project we can make this happen.

Thank you

Ken & Lynn “