About Us

About Wisconsin Barn Board and Beam (WBB&B).

We are an experienced company specializing in salvaging and reclaiming old barn wood. Based in beautiful South Western Wisconsin, we work mainly in the Mid-Western States but also operate in distant states including the East Coast.

We dismantle old barns and buildings and reclaim the wood for sale to brokers or end users that have found a new use for reclaimed wood. We buy and sell wood, reclaim old barns and buildings, and sell our products anywhere in the world.

Wisconsin Barn Board and Beam story

Our Company was founded over 20 years ago by Ken Goodwin Jr.  Kenny worked in construction for many years but began working with Barn Demolition and Salvage as a young man and has built one of the largest and most prominent Barn Salvage companies in the Midwest.The whole crew in 2016. Kenny Goodwin is second from right.  His son John is second from left.

Ken Goodwin Jr. (Kenny)





Here is a video from a couple of years back that shows Kenny walking through the yard at the request of a customer in order to show some of the inventory on hand.  It’s kind of fun and will give you an idea of our simple operation and the kind of inventory that we have on hand from time to time.