Surprises We Often Find in Barns

During our projects we often come accross all kinds of wonderful and sometimes strange items hidden away inside the old barns. Just a few of the things we have stumbled upon is a very old tractor, and some antique furniture. Feel free to browse the photos below to see what kind of weird and wondeful things we come accros on the job.

Recent Projects

Wisconsin Barn, Board and Beam carry out many different projects throughout the year. We dismantle and pull down all kinds of old wooden buildings, both big and small. Most of our work i carried out in the Mid Western States, in and around Wisconsin. The pictures below show us at work in some of our most recent projects.


Wisconsin Barn, Board and Beam carry out various services including pulling down old barns and wooden buildings. We salvage and restore any old beautiful wood that can be reused for other things. In these images you can see use carrying out the various tasks we do including sawing and restoring the wood to it’s beautiful state, and loading our van.

New Inventory

After dismantling old barns and buildings we are  left with plenty of beautiful old salvaged beams and wood. This wood can be reused on reconstruction projects, used in new buildings, and converted to many uses such as furniture and flooring.  Here you can see some photos of some recent  inventory that we have for sale. If you are interested in anything you see here don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be updating this page often with new inventory, so make sure you bookmark us and come visit us again.