We Love Reclaimed Wood Demolition Projects!

Over the years we have participated in many demolition projects.  We have done quite a few of our own demolition projects and have done quite a few as a subcontractor or as a J/V partner.

We love demolition projects like this one.

Our business is Reclaimed Wood and so we are not interested in pure demolition projects. If there isn’t any wood to reclaim we most likely are not interested.

We have worked well along side of demolition contractors using our own equipment and manpower to extract salable wood during the deconstruction process.  We are experienced, trustworthy, qualified, insured and bondable.

We have also worked for towns and municipalities to remove unwanted buildings. We are easy to work with and cooperative.

If you have a demolition project that involves reclaimed wood, please give us a call and we can discuss the possibilities.

There can be a lot of salvageable wood in a demolition project.