In order to answer a lot of commonly asked questions and save the readers a lot of time in contacting us and waiting for an answer, here is a list of questions that we get asked a lot:

Where are you really located?  We really are in Readstown, Wisconsin, as stated, but we don’t have a commercial highway frontage or storefront.  That’s why we are hard to find. We have a yard where we handle materials, load and unload trucks and trailers. We have a couple of buildings with shops for storing our tools and supplies and working on our vehicles, which seem to break down a lot.  Our office is stuck in the corner of one of the buildings.

Can we visit you?  Well, it’s rather hard because almost every day we are at a job site taking down a barn or building and we don’t have anyone full time at the office.  Also, when we are at the yard we are loading or unloading or sorting and stacking and it’s hard to stop and visit. It can also be dangerous and we don’t want anyone to get hurt.  If you want to visit, please send a message in the contact form with your email address and phone number and we’ll call you. Please state the purpose of your visit.

Can we come to look at your inventory?  Our inventory changes from day to day and even hour to hour.  We pre-sell a lot of our wood and so by the time it hits our yard it’s being loaded for shipment to a customer.  It would be much easier if you told us what you were looking for… species, sizes, and quantities… and we could suggest something or contact you when we have something to show you.

Do you come to Nebraska? (or Iowa, Minnesota, or Illinois, etc.)  Well, the quick answer is yes but we need to know about the project first.  Most of our work is in Wisconsin but we’re done jobs this year in Kentucky, Michigan, Iowa, Illinois, and Minnesota.  It depends on the value of the project. If it’s a small garden shed in Nebraska the answer is ‘NO’.  The best thing is always to contact us first.

Why don’t you reply when I contact you?  Wow!  That’s tough to answer.  This year we have had our site go down a few times for server issues, our contact form got outdated and we were not receiving the messages, and sometimes we are working on a large job out of state and can’t do a good job or replying.  Sorry!  We’re trying!