New Inventory

White Oak Beams

     If you looked at the inventory page, you saw some logs called “92 White Oak Logs”. The logs came from an 80+ year old barn. (We have a photo of the barn)
     For various reasons, we have decided to saw the logs into beams. As soon as we have the sawing completed we will offer them for sale.
     The beams will be de-nailed and cut to the maximum size possible. They will average around 5″ to 7″ by 12′ to 14′ long…. some are bigger and longer.  We’ll make a detailed list when we’re done and provide some nice photos.

   The beams are located in North Carolina near Raleigh.  We do have a loader available there. They will be availble the week of October 11th.

   We offer these beams on a first come, first served basis.  The first customer to place a deposit will own the beams.  We are asking around $2 per bf. and an estimate of board footage will be included with the inventory list.

     Don’t Wait!  Call Kenny at 608-475-8066 or send a quick message and we’ll contact you.