Welcome To Wisconsin Barn Board and Beam!

Hi!  and welcome to Wisconsin Barn Board and Beam. 

        This is the first message posted to our bulletin board where we will be posting frequent updates regarding changes to our inventory, new projects, news from within the industry, meaningful comments or news items sent to us by friends and subscribers.

        While here, please be sure to sign up for our Hot News! feature where we send out advance notice of events, opportunities, and new offers to buy or sell. Most of this information will appear on the Bulletin Board but the Newsletter will give you advance notice and might include surprises that won’t make it to the Bulletin Board. The sign up location is up on the right side of the page…easy to find.

        Please contact us by email to ask questions, offer advice, make comments, or just to say Hello!  Use the simple contact form by clicking the “Contact’ link at the top of the page. We’ll reply quickly.  Be sure to give you telephone number if you want us to call you.

        Thanks for visiting our new site.  We hope you’ll visit often… constant changes and updates should make it interesting for you.